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Immediate Loading Implants - Immediate Loading Implants / Basal Implant

Why choose Immediate Loading Implants/ Basal Implant over Conventional Dental Implant ?

Even after the care, lots of individuals suffer from tooth loss. Earlier, the sole treatment options available were bridges and dentures. But today, dental implants are available. Dental Implants are replacement tooth roots within the sort of metal posts or frames that are positioned beneath your jawline via surgery. The dental implants allow the dentist to mount the new teeth or bridge the gap between widened teeth. Once surgically placed, dental implants aren't visible.

Difference Between Immediate Loading and Conventional Implants

Difference Between Immediate Loading and Conventional Implants
Immediate Loading Implants/Basal Implants Conventional Implants/ Two Visit Implants
  1. Immediate loading implants are done within a span of 3-7 days depending upon the condition of the patient.

  2. In Immediate Loading Implants, the patient gets temporary teeth on the same day and permanent teeth of ceramic or zirconia ( as per patient’s wish)  in 3 days.

  3. Implant placement has already taken place at the same time as of extraction.

  1. Conventional or two visit implants is a traditional implant treatment that involves multiple appointments with treatment extending from 3 months to 1 year.

  2. In conventional Implants, after tooth extraction, the patient has to wait for 3-6 months ( depending on the condition of the patient ) for implant placement.

  3. The patient is in the prosthetic phase and has to wait for 3-6 months for the fusion of the implant in the bone.

What are Immediate Loading Implants?

Dental Implants are replacement tooth roots within the sort of metal posts or frames that are positioned beneath your jawline via surgery. When the implants are placed at an equivalent time because the tooth is removed, the procedure is understood as immediate implant placement. It's a convenient method for the patient because it allows the surgery to be completed in one intervention, unlike the traditional or two visit implants. Before an implant is often inserted, the natural tooth must be extracted if it's still present. Immediate implant placement is the process of placing the implant at an equivalent time of tooth extraction. This suggests the implant is placed during a fresh socket. Over the years, utilization of this procedure has shown high survival rates for the implant.

Recently, Immediate Loading Dental Implants have gotten a lot of popularity among dental tourists in the world. People with good jaw bone can have immediate loading implants just after extraction & permanent teeth within 3-7 days* ( as per condition). Patients with low bone density or volume can have Basal Implants/ conventional implants  that are placed & derive support from the basal bone for rehabilitation.

 Advantages of Immediate Loading Implants

  1. Shorter Treatment Time
  2. Minimal recovery time
  3. Minimally invasive
  4. No need for bone grafting
  5. Easy-maintenance
  6. Long-term results
  7. Cost saving
  8. Good Predictability
  9. Simplified Surgical Workflow
  10. High Patient Satisfaction

Some of the Factors to Consider Before Utilizing Immediate Implant Placement/Immediate Loading

As with any medical procedure , there are factors that both dentists and patients should consider before utilizing these techniques. There are a couple of things which will influence the result of success. However, these are relevant not just to immediate loading but any type of dental implant treatments. Factors to think about include:

  1. Careful patient selection
  2. Bone quality and quantity
  3. Initial stability
  4. Proper treatment planning ahead of time
  5. Precise implant placement
  6. Allowing for sufficient healing time following the procedures 

Who can go for Immediate Loading Implants?

  1. Healthy patient without pre-existing conditions
  2. Patient with good habits of oral hygiene, and who understands the technique being applied for dental treatment
  3. Maxillary bone with adequate bone volume
  4. Sufficient bone quality
  5. Absence of bone diseases
  6. No history of bruxism (excessive teeth-grinding)

 Procedure Steps: Immediate Loading Implants

A lot of individuals are frightened of visiting the dentist. It is often scary for you to urge implants for the primary time; most of the fear is thanks to the uncertainty. So, let’s have a glance at the step by step process for getting All on 4 dental implants.

Step 1: Your dentist will offer you local or general anesthesia , so as to make sure that you’re comfortable.
Second, the surgeon or dentist/implantologist will prepare your mouth for the implants- removing the falling teeth and removing the infected or diseased tissue from your jaw and gums.
Step 2: He will begin the implant process. Once the implants are fixed and meanwhile, the patient is given temporary teeth.
Step 3: After 3 days, the complete set of permanent teeth can be fixed with a lifetime warranty in India. The permanent teeth are often either Zirconia or regular porcelain fused to metal (PFM).

Why are Immediate Loading Dental implants/ Basal Implants popular in the world?

Immediate Loading is a different kind of dental implantology which has gained massive popularity among international dental tourists is Immediate Loading Dental Implants. People with good jaw bone can have immediate loading implants just after extraction and have permanent teeth within 3-5 days depending upon the condition of the patient. Basal implants get the support from the basal bone area and patients with low bone density or low volume in their jaw can undergo dental implants and acquire their smile back instantly.

There is sufficient long-term evidence that immediate loading implants have survival rates almost like delayed placement. Additionally, immediate implants also help in saving the crestal bone and minimize soft tissue changes within the aesthetic zone.

  1. There is only 1 visit is required for full mouth dental implant in India
  2. A Dental patient can have permanent teeth within 3-7 days
  3. An international warranty is provided for any failed implants
  4. Immediate implants can be done with very less bone density left
  5. Smokers also can go for Immediate implants
  6. Cost of Immediate Loading Dental Implants

Affordable Lowest Immediate Loading Implants cost in India

Immediate dental implants or 3 Days dental implants cost in India is quite pocket friendly as compared to the western countries like the United States, Canada, Russian, Europe, Australia and the United Kingdom etc. Best in India offers a very competitive and affordable/low cost for full mouth dental implant cost with best quality to our patients who travel across the country for a smile. People can often find cheaper care outside their local or regional healthcare system.

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