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Hollywood Smile Design - Hollywood Smile Design Or Digital Smile

Hollywood smile design, often referred to as Digital Smile Design, is one of the most widely used dental treatment methods today and is favoured by people who wish to have an aesthetically pleasing and more attractive smile. When creating a Hollywood smile design or Digital smile design, a new design is made by fusing the patient's face shape, skin tone, and nose shape with their tooth colour, tooth form, and gum aesthetics. One of the apps for grin design is called Hollywood smile design. With zirconia crowns or veneers, we produce fantastic, individualised results.


The procedure of Smile Design in India

  • 1 The first step in DSD is to analyse the patient's dental proportions, which is done through a succession of digital photos, video clips, and, in certain cases, a wax mock-up, to build a smile that you want.
  • 2 Step for DSD: Once you come for your preparation appointment for your new smile, our cosmetic dentist will place on temporary or veneers which will be within the shape and arrangement that you simply have prescribed.
  • 3 Step for DSD: Once you give your approval to the grin design, a model in that design will be created, and photos will be taken. To ensure that the laboratory technician generates the smile you desire, these will be delivered to the lab together with the colour prescriptions.
  • 4 Step for DSD: Therefore the final try-in of actual veneers or crowns are going to be done by you, and you’ll be ready to see the form , colour. After approving the ultimate version of smile design, they're going to be bonded onto your teeth by our cosmetic dentist.

Dental digital smile design takes into account and combines all of the following characteristics::

  1. Tooth Colour
  2. Alignment and Spacing
  3. Missing Teeth
  4. Harmony and Balance

We use some criteria while designing a Hollywood smile for you. What are these:

  1. There shouldn't be any shadows in your mouth's corners when you grin. As a result, your mouth must provide a full smile for your teeth.
  2. The tips of your front two teeth should be visible 1-2 millimetres in front when your mouth is open but not smiling. If such an appearance is absent, we must slightly extend our front teeth..
  3. Your bottom lip curves as you flash a wide grin. Your upper teeth's tips should be perpendicular to this curvature. Your teeth are excessively lengthy if they are too frequently touching this tangential area. Therefore, it is required to slightly raise the teeth. Or, if the contrary is true, your teeth need to be extended if they are a bit too short..

Hollywood Smile Design or Digital Smile Design in India

India is become a major destination for medical tourists since we provide top-notch dental care at affordable prices. At Best in India, we provide a variety of treatment choices for those looking to strengthen their smile. One of the most in-demand medical procedures today is Hollywood Smile Design or Digital Smile Design (DSD) facilities in India. With a number of modern cosmetic procedures, we can totally evaluate and redesign your smile for a low price that would otherwise be quite expensive.

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