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Genital Reconstruction - Gender Reassignment Surgery In India

With advancements in sex change surgery, India now offers transgender patients female to male surgery. To schedule genital reconstruction surgery in Delhi, India, please contact us if you are interested in changing your gender from female to male. Female genitalia are removed during surgery, and male genitalia are rebuilt. An average genital reconstructive procedure costs depents on the types of surgery and surgeon you choose. The following types of genital reconstruction are included:

  1. The uterus (hysterectomy), fallopian tubes with ovaries (salpingo-oophorectomy), and the vaginal cavity are removed as part of the genital reconstruction.
  2. Male genital construction is divided into 2 parts:
  • 1. Penile reconstruction (phalloplasty)
  • 2. Scrotal reconstruction (scrotoplasty)

Pre-Operative Guidelines of Genitial reconstruction for Female to Male surgery

  1. Skin graft to the penis requuirement ( severe cases )
  2. Plan to restore the function and appearance of the genitials
  3. Pre-surgical checkup and imaging tests

Genital Reconstruction: Female to Male Surgery

Transsexual people who seek to modify the appearance of their genitalia with MTF surgery benefit from gender reassignment surgery with cutting-edge technologies. The person can achieve their goals by using the aforementioned strategies. During the process, it entails:

  1. The female-to-male genital reconstruction procedure involves inserting a gel implant or saline into the newly created scrotum. To create the penis, tissue is taken from the mouth or vagina.
  2. Erection is only permitted through the pump device or implanted rod if microsurgery is performed by joining the nerves and blood vessels.

Best results with gender reassignment surgery

Men who undergo gender surgery to reconstruct their genitalia do so by creating the clitoris from the penis, which also has a nerve end attached. With this strategy, the body can experience sensation, and orgasm is accomplished. To acquire the desired results, book a consultation with us if you'd want additional information about the procedure.

Post Operative / After Surgery care of Genitial reconstruction of female to male.

  1. Don't put excess pressure on the bladded
  2. Do not lift heavy object
  3. Warm salt water baths reduces vaginal discomfort & pain
  4. Make your bladder empty every 2 or 3 hours

Sex reassignment surgery in India

Many transgender women from the USA, Australia, and Europe must enjoy a completely transformed body as a result of gender reassignment surgery. In India, sex-change surgery has a very high rate of success. So, if you believe that your soul is imprisoned in the wrong body, don't be afraid to get in touch with the top Indian doctors to benefit from amazing surgical procedures.

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