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Resplendent The Cosmetic Studio -

Resplendent The Cosmetic Studio - Cosmetology clinic is a renowned clinic known for its experienced dermatologists who provide compassionate and professional care. This Cosmetology clinic aims to create a comfortable environment for patients, with friendly and knowledgeable staff who are always ready to address health and financial concerns. Dr. Sukhbir Singh is a skilled Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, while Dr. Vandana Verma specializes in Dermatology and Hair Transplant Surgery. Both doctors possess vast knowledge and demonstrate a tireless commitment to the overall well-being of their patients, encompassing mental, physical, and spiritual aspects. For priority appointments and a hassle-free experience, you can easily connect with the top doctors at Resplendent The Cosmetic Studio through HexaHealth's team of medical experts.

Dr Sukhbir Singh established Resplendent The Cosmetic Studio, a state-of-the-art Cosmetology clinic equipped with advanced facilities, such as lasers and personalized care rooms, located in an upscale neighbourhood.

Dr. Sukhbir's contributions to the field of cosmetic surgery extend beyond his clinical work. He has published more than 25 papers in national and international journals and authored two books, one of which focuses on PRP in hair restoration. Through Resplendent The Cosmetic Studio (cosmetology centre), he has facilitated over 10,000 happy transformations, making a positive impact on his patients' lives.

When choosing Resplendent (cosmetology centre), patients opt for the combination of Dr. Sukhbir's extensive cosmetic surgery experience, exceptional skills, and outstanding results.

List of treatments provided in Resplendent The Cosmetic Studio ( Cosmetology Clinic )

  1. Breast Enhancement
  2. Breast Reduction
  3. Breast Lift
  4. Buttock Augmentation
  5. Face Lift
  6. Rhinoplasty-Nose Reshaping
  7. Blepharoplasty-Eyelid Surgery
  8. Botox Injections
  9. Hair Transplant Surgery
  10. Arm Lift
  11. Thigh Lift
  12. Labiaplasty
  13. Hymenoplasty
  14. Vaginal Rejuvenation or Vaginoplasty
  15. Eyebrow Reconstruction
  16. Neck Lift
  17. Cosmetic Circumcision