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Gender Reassignment Surgery Female To Male In India - FTM - Steps And Procedures For Gender Correction Surgery/ Sex Reassignment Surgery

Sex change surgery or genital reconstruction surgery are the two main names for gender reassignment surgery. It is an operation done on a person to change their sexual structure. Male to female gender reassignment surgery alters a persons physical appearance as well as the way his genital organs work. On people who are identified as transgender, the procedure is carried out. They are recognised as transsexuals after the sex-change surgery is finished.

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1) Breast Removal Surgery or Mastectomy for FTM surgery ( Top Surgery )

Compression garments used in binding can cause complications, but breast removal or mastectomy can also prevent them. These form-fitting clothes can harm your skin, make you feel uncomfortable, short of breath, and even break your ribs.

Transgender males may have female-to-male (FTM) top surgery to give them a more masculine-looking chest. To produce a flat, natural-looking chest, the operation entails removing extra skin and fat and relocating the nipples. Gender dysphoria may be relieved and complications from chest binding may be avoided with FTM top surgery.

2) Vagina Removal ( Vaginectomy ) or Uterus removal ( Hysterectomy )

An operation called a vaginectomy removes the vaginal lining and seals the vagina. A Vaginectomy is frequently performed alongside other FTM procedures on transgender males as part of their gender confirmation process. Although vaginectomy has a reputation for being a very risky procedure, surgeons who specialize in it believe that it lowers the risk of complications from urethral lengthening and report very high patient satisfaction rates.

3) Penile Creation or Phalloplasty / Genital Reconstruction for Male to Female Surgery

Surgery for masculinizing gender affirmation is known as phalloplasty ( Genital Reconstruction for Male to Female Surgery ). Phalloplasty is a multistage technique that may involve different operations, such as:

  1. Creating the penis
  2. Lengthening the urethra so you are able to stand to urinate
  3. Creating the tip (glans) of the penis
  4. Creating the scrotum
  5. Removing the vagina, uterus and ovaries
  6. Placing erectile and testicular implants
  7. Skin grafting from the donor tissue site 

Sex reassignment surgery in India

Many transgender women from the USA, Australia, and Europe must enjoy a completely transformed body as a result of gender reassignment surgery. In India, sex-change surgery has a very high rate of success. So, if you believe that your soul is imprisoned in the wrong body, don't be afraid to get in touch with the top Indian doctors to benefit from amazing surgical procedures.

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